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Supplement to the monograph of the genus Psilocybe
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A revision of 29 species and varieties and more than 80 records of Psilocybe after 1980 and not considered in Guzmán´s monograph (1983) are discussed. In addition, P. chlapanensis, P. meridensis, P. moseri, P. natarajanii and P. subtropicalis are described as new. P. aquamarina, P. ramulosum, P. paulensis, P. septentrionalis, Naematoloma gigaspora and N. guzmanii are proposed as new combinations. Several new records and nomenclatural observations are dis- cussed and a revision of the classification in sections of the genus, as well as an update of the keys of sections and species of Guzmán´s monograph are provided.
Taxonomic monographs of Agaricales
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Guzmán, G.. 1995. Supplement to the monograph of the genus Psilocybe. En: Taxonomic monographs of Agaricales. Cramer. Pp. 91-141
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